War Front

About Us

Warcraft high-end raiding is often a stressful, oppressive time-sink. Many guilds the world over offer long hours, harsh trial conditions and a shot at a bench position while demanding complete perfection from their raiders. We challenge you to try out for a competitive team, without the hassle. War Front may be the place for you.


Above all else, our number one requirement is that applicants fit in with our team. As a raid team of nearly three years, we pride ourselves in our cohesive community and stability. Negativity can be a cancer to both. War Front has a philosophy of positivity and teamwork, disavowing blame and working to better our progression through cooperation.


As a six-hour team, our in-raid time is precious. We do our utmost to not waste time and encourage our raiders to contribute to that goal. However, War Front was founded as a place for mature players to find a home and a filter for their competitive natures. We will never hold family commitments or real-life responsibilities against a player. All we ask is that our raiders respect the team and give fair notice.


In War Front we expect our raiders to research and improve as a matter of pride. Top performers may not be rewarded, but it's a position to vie for nonetheless. Our raiders are knowledgeable, competent, and skilled. We bring these skills to bear to achieve our goals despite our limited schedule.